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Why do we use motion graphics?

One of the most effective ways to advertise on social media is using motion graphics and different types of advertising teasers that can increase the feedback on your work to a great extent and as result increase your sales and income. you may own a brand or a startup or you simply may want to teach your new idea in the domain in which you work to your customers so that they can more easily get familiar with your new service and use it. In another word, the most convenient tool that can explain any sort of business to others and even it is considered the best one is using video advertisements, particularly animated advertisements or short 2D motion graphics, A Thirty seconds to one minute video can explain your desired topic to others and your audience, you can attract your customers toward your new service or idea very easily by using this method.

Reaching out to more audience

Most people at any age are very interested in animation, it can be said that you have chosen the best way for introducing your business and your service, attractive and colorful video advertisements draw the attention of viewers, and they will be wanting to watch them several times. It is good to know that it has been scientifically proven that a more percentage of individuals choose videos rather than spending their time reading a long article or looking at several photos with an advertising theme. Animated videos can have a significant effect on the viewer and make viewers who are your audience spend more time watching the video content you had produced.

Producing motion graphics and 2D advertising animation is less expensive and time-saving

Currently, if you want to implement your advertisement via real advertising teasers, you will spend much more money and you will face more challenges in creating it. The Studio that takes care of this needs to hire a camera crew, the scene, the actor, the decor, etc…. But using an animated advertisement or motion graphics is fast and it does not need all of these, It can be done by an animation artist and a computer is the only equipment that is required. This will help the progress of your business very much. More importantly, it is a lot less expensive, therefore by using a professional animated advertisement you can have the best efficiency. For instance, you can use explanatory videos for your business so that the customers can get familiar with your services and products.

explainer video , motion graphics
explainer video , motion graphics
Videos are passed from person to person

Have you ever heard of viral advertisements? This type of advertisement takes place when your advertisements are passed from person to person. The best way for creating this type of viral advertisement is to use motion graphics advertising teasers that easily get shared from one person to another because they are colorful and attractive.

A variety of motion graphics can be helpful in any area of your business

Various types of motion graphics technics can play a role in any area of your business, for instance, you can use the motion logo for showing your personal, corporative, or organizational logo, By creating beautiful video animations with artistic visual and video effects and sounds, the audience will remember your brand by looking at your logo motion for a few seconds and will not forget your brand. Introduce your business along with a logo motion in a short time scale.

Let your audience get familiar with you easily and in a few seconds

Introduce your service, product, and business to others with the easiest method and in a short time scale, let your target audience get familiar with you easily and in a few seconds. Create video content related to your work and service on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc….… so that you can be seen more professionally. Do not overlook video-sharing networks such as YouTube, use advertising teasers, explanatory motion graphics, and high-quality content to be seen everywhere on the web.

Increase your website rank, SEO (Search engine optimization) and viewers

Videos have a significant effect on SEO and search engines and make your content turn into high-quality nature and be seen as high quality in terms of search engines and this will improve your website rank. It is recommended to use explanatory motion graphics to create animated and graphic content and not only draw the attention of the audience to your text and photos but also make your content more understandable and keep the user longer on your website.

Do you have a local business and want to introduce it?

Animations, especially 2D animations, can be very communicative and audience friendly. There is no need to have an online business for advertising and introducing it online. You can also use 2D motion graphics or explainer videos to introduce your offline and local business and your store,… and draw the attention of more customers to your business.