Step 1:

Scenario and Script

First and the most important step to produce a motion graphic is scenario.

There is two ways to do this:

  • You are familiar with scenario writing and already have one. If so, simply send it to us. Either copy it when you submit your order online via our website or email it to our team. We look into it and after your final confirmation it is ready to go to the next step
  • You don’t have a scenario. No worries at all!! just write down the keywords and a summary of what you have in mind and our team will take care of it for you. A copy will be sent to you for revision/approval.

Keywords are the words and important notes that you want your audience to hear and to be included in the motion graphic for them to get familiar with you, your business, your service, your product, etc, …

If you require any assistance on this, let us know and we can guide you with pleasure.

Step 2:

Narration and Voice Over

When the scenario is ready, it will be sent to the narrator of your choice. He/She will finalize the voice over process based on the scenario and the time you chose (30 second. One min or more) then the voice file will be sent to the graphic and design team.

Step 3:

Graphic Design and Animation

Once the narration part is finished, Graphic and design team will start working on your project based on the scenario, time, narration and the animation style of you chose

Step 4:

Music and Sound Effect

The team will be working on the music and sound effect that matches your video and your project.

Step 5:

Review and Revision

We will be sending you the final file via a link. You need to review and ask us any changes or revisions you might require. After applying the changes and revisions requested by you, it will be sent to you, and you can start using it and upload it on any online platform you would like.